Game On


  1. Sunshine:

    Heart-stoppingly familiar … my secret lover and I …

  2. Michael Brady:

    Vettriano’s ” Game On” and “The Assessors” and “Just the Way It Is” and “‘Round Midnight”
    “Private Dancer” and others….where can these pieces be purchased??? Very erotic and
    quite well done.

    Someone respond, please.

  3. Chrystoph:

  4. Gill Flanagan:

    Game On! You can feel the heat. Excellent painting in every way. Love Vettriano’s work. Every girl should have one. Someone please tell me the name of one of JV’s paintings of a girl foot on a chair adjusting her suspender to her black stocking top.

  5. cathy:

    i love this print. Could you let me know where i could purchase it.

  6. johnny:

    i have this limited edition “game on ” and also “the letter” totally mint framed signed limited editions and are both for sale

  7. Lauren:

    @ Johnny –

    Dare I ask how much for “Game on”? please email

  8. Sheran:

    Hi Jonny – like Lauren I would be interested in purchasing ‘game on’. Can you give me an idea of how much you are wanting for it?

  9. Jacqui:

    Game On is the most erotic painting i’ve seen in a long time. You can feel the sexual tension and heat. Please, please someone tell me where i can buy an affordable print.

  10. christine hatton:

    It is – as it should be. :) xx chrissy

  11. keithy:

    i would love to own this. it is just brilliant. love it love it love it. keithy

  12. Doudoune:

    You can see the original painting in the London Malmaison Brasserie: it was a gift from the artist to this beautiful hotel located close to Barbican (The London Malmaison 18-21 Charterhouse Square, London, EC1M 6AH). You can check out the place at
    I´m a great J. V. fan and it was the only time I saw one of his originals but I personally think that I saw THE ONE!!! By the way, the manager of the restaurant is lovely and they offer great food and wine so that you can easily take the time to enjoy this painting fully sipping a glass at the bar… ;)

  13. Sue Davenport:

    I absolutely adore this and would love to own a print but cannot find it anywhere have you any ideas

  14. Jennifer:

    My all time favorite. Very expensive from what I can tell. Someday I’ll have one.. I must!

  15. Juliet:

    Thank you to the person that told us about Game On original in the Malmaison. A must to visit when next in London. Anyone know and other places to view original work by JV. My favourite artist of all time

  16. BJB5687:

    I love this painting….I like how neither of their faces are visible, enables the viewer to envisage themself as one of the subjects.

    Pinned against the wall, legs slightly parted and just what is he whispering in her ear?

    Her back should be flat against the wall, but she’s turned on, aching for his touch, hips pushed forward to meet, encourage and delight in the caress of his touch…..I can almost hear her sigh.

    Anyone know where I can purchase this, and Private Dancer as affordable framed posters?

  17. BJB5687:

    @ Gill Flanagan……the painting I think you are referring to of a woman adjusting her stocking too with her foot on a footstool is Dancer For Money.

  18. Donald Smith:

    I bought No.200/495 Limited Edition print years ago…loved it when I first saw it and ordered one immediately!<3

  19. Sam K:

    I have both ‘Game On’ and ‘Private Dancer’ limited editions for sale, they are still unframed in the tube I got them in from Portland I. If anyone is interested my email is

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