Jack Vettriano Biography

Photograph of Jack Vettriano by Richard Kalina.

Jack Vettriano, otherwise known as Jack Hoggan, was born on 17. of November 1951 in Methil, Fife, Scotland. His parents are of Italian origin. Jack Vettriano has been working for the last two decades as a very successful painter. His original art as well as posters and prints of his motifs are widely admired and collected. The style of Vettriano’s art is often described as sentimental, mysterious, and often melancholic.

Jack Vettriano is a self made man, and his story is that of a real fighter. By the beginning of the 21st Century, Vettriano sold more than 500,000 works. Most of these paintings are now in private, public and commercial collections all over the world.

Jack Vettriano’s birth name is Jack Hoggan. He grew up in the industrial coastal city of Mehil. Vettriano left school when he was16 years old, to work in the local coal mine. His goal was to becoming a mining engineer.

Vettriano began to paint rather by accident. His girlfriend at the time gave him a set of watercolor paints for his 21st birthday. Vettriano learned to paint by reading textbooks and studying and copying paintings from other well known artists.

Vettriano’s first painting was a copy of Monet’s poppy fields – still signed with the name Jack Hoggan. In 1988, Jack changed his name to Jack Vettriano, by adopting his mothers maiden name, and adding an “a” to it. In the same year, Jack Vettriano exhibited two of his paintings at the Royal Scottish Academy. The submission of his paintings aroused public interest in his work, and Jack Vettriano soon secured enough income to devote himself fully to being an artist.

Further exhibitions in London, Edinburgh, Hong Kong and Johannesburg contributed both to Jack Vettriano’s increasing success, as well as to the failure of his marriage.
In November 1999, Jack Vettriano exhibited twenty paintings at the International 20th Century Art Fair in New York. 50 British collectors attended the opening and after the first day, all Vettriano paintings had been sold.

Jack Vettriano’s most acclaimed and best-selling work is The Singing Butler. Interestingly, it was dismissed by the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1992. However, the painting of “The Singing Butler” sold at auction twelve years later for a fabulous £ 744,500.00.

Today, Jack Vettriano, works in his studios in London and Kirkcaldy, Scotland. The public interest in Vettriano’s art is growing daily. There are many devoted collectors of Vettriano’s work, among them are Jack Nicholson, Sir Alex Ferguson and Robbie Coltrane.

Jack Vettriano produces new work, and reproduces his most famous motifs, such as “The Missing Man I“, “Waltzers“, “Mad Dogs“, “The Picnic Party“, “In thoughts of you“, “Back where you belong” and many others in form of posters and high-end prints. 


  1. Daniel Franks:

    Excellent work. I had the honour of one of my pieces published in a textbook directly underneath Hopper’s “NightHawks”. As you can well understand, I love this work.

  2. Peter Better:

    Well done for putting this site together! Simple yet useful. I will buy a piece from easyart.com, since some prints are actually surprisingly reasonable (if you can call it that). Cheers!

  3. Raelynna Blair:

    Mr. Vettriano is AMAZING!!! I dream of owning an original piece of his. The only artist I have ever really loved. There is just something about his paintings that amaze me.

  4. Mark Drake:

    A few years ago I thought I saw other prints that go with the Singing Butler that in effect would create a Panarama. If my memory serves me correctly one picture that would go to one side of the singing bulter showed musicians playing the music that the dancers were dancing to The other picture showed a table set for a meal. Does anybody know anything about this?

  5. Coralie Smith:

    Apparently I am the lady in ‘Her Secret Life’. A friend of mine bought a diary and when he opened the first page he saw this image and said it was me! Other people have since said the same. My only claim to fame!
    So Mr Vettriano if you are looking for a model some time in the near future I am here !!

  6. AMY ROSS:

    This website is really well laid out and i have always loved your work.
    I was just wondering how this website and other internet sources has helped you as an artist? – this is for my presentation at university.

  7. Admin:

    @ Amy. Thanks for your comment. Vettriano-Art is a Vettriano Fan site and not the official site. We help Jack Vettriano by showing his pictures and sending traffic to sites that sell his work for example Easyart and Worldgallery.

  8. alan renwick:

    love jacks work have just bought(in thoughts of you) for my new living room. its the center peaces of the room I love it .

  9. Rob Spencer:

    He has wonderful works. You need to go over to http://www.saramormone.com she hasn’t listed all her work as yet but will soon be a household name in the art world she’s an up and coming new artist so I hear. Very good I’ve seen her wonderful portraits. Thanks

  10. Olivia:

    I have been a fan of Mr. Vettriano for quite a while. I find it hard to take my eyes off any of his work. I feel the need to learn every story as each piece seems to have one that’s deeper than the canvas.

  11. Frank Gray:

    Mark Drake: ‘Elergy for the Dead Admiral’ features 2 violinists sitting at a table on a beach while a butler pours wine for the lady in a red dress sitting at the head of the table. I hope this helps.

  12. Judith Mari:

    Hello Jack,
    In a school project I was to do a mixed media peice using another artists work and that artists as a silent partner.
    I did a mix on your euleogyadmiral mine is called Presenting the Will I am first year art student.

  13. Isabel Wilson:

    Hi there
    My husband bought me a lovely signed print of a lady in a studio for our 40th wedding anniversary. Do you think I can find it among the list of paintings No! so where is it – he and she are having a cig and he is on his knees. The pair are in front of a fireplace.

    Please let me view print this on a Jack Vettriano sight. We bought this in a Kirkcaldy gallery

  14. Elaine Sweiry:

    I have always loved Jack Vettriano’s art. I have a print of the Singing Butler hanging on the wall in my lounge, and this year on my birthday my sister sent me a card illustrating Cafe Days. She jokingly said that the two women are us (with a secret admirer in the background!). I agreed, even though I’m the only one between us who enjoys a ciggie now and then. I was surprised to read he is of Scottish origin because his paintings seem to have an American style.

  15. Kelly:

    I saw a painting by Jack Vettriano in a shop which has since closed and I am having great difficulty trying to find it. Is there anywhere to find other paintings by Jack Vettriano that I am not looking?

  16. Sandra Silke:

    I have quite a number of Mr Vettriano’s work hanging all over my home and think they’re amazing. He really is a very talented artist. I bought and just had framed yesterday “Bluebird at Bonneville” in the largest size I could get 120cm x 90cm.
    I am now looking for “The Billy Boys” in the same size 120cm x 90cm but as yet have been unable to find this print in the same size. Does anyone here know where I could purchase this print? I would be grateful to anyone who knows where I could purchase it.

  17. Irenemcgeorge:

    Dear sandra I have just been to a place called boundary mill at shiremoor near whitley bay in Northumberland and seen billy boys as a large print. I have just bought the picnic one.hope this is helpful .don’t know whether they do a postal service.irene mcgeorge

  18. ian bustin:

    I m trying to trace a limited edition copy of missing man 1 _ any advice appreciated.

  19. Sud Y:

    Dear Rob, please also go through the new works of Devajyoti Ray, now updated at http://www.devajyotiray.com. Ray is India’s best known modern artist and has already held a couple of good shows here. He is soon going to be exhibited also in New Yorks galleries. Do take a look

  20. George kormoczi:

    Hi could you help me to find the publishers who produce Jack Vettriano limited edition prints I have long been an fan and have come into a little bit of money since my mother past away which will allow me to purchase a print I have just found your web site and I think it is great many thanks George

  21. Wendy Spencer:

    Response for Mark Drake.
    Are you thinking of the painting “Elogy for a Dead Admiral”
    Not sure if it is what you are thinking of.

  22. Frank Gray:

    Isabel Wilson: The picture you describe could be ‘Models in the Studio’?

  23. cb83:

    does anyone know where i can get a poster of “his favourite girl” i happened to see it whilst viewing a house i was going to buy – didnt buy the house but i really want the picture but dont have spare £500 – will it be released as a poster?

  24. Laurie Taylor:

    hi , is it possible to direct me to the supplier for JV’s art cards and gift cards. The Art group used to sell wholsale to me , but nobody seems to know where to purchase from now , many thanks

  25. Laurie Taylor:

    Hi , this is for the person trying to purchase The Billy Boys 120cm x90cm please contact me at Laurie.taylor@live.co.uk as i can obtain a copy for you , thank you.

  26. Nora:

    I would give anything to get a copy of, or see, Vettriano’s copy of Monet’s Poppies. Has anyone ever seen his version? I have a very specific purpose for wishing to see/get it but I have no idea how to start searching. It is probably in a private collection somewhere, but I’d love even a print.

  27. Emile Moelich:

    It is the print of “The Singing Butler” when visiting friends that got me interested in the art of Jack Vettriano. He is a genius with the brush, paint and the canvas.

  28. jo:

    Search heartbreak publishing to find prints cards postcards books anything jv you could dream of

  29. Isabel Wilson:

    Thank you Frank – this is indeed the one – I just love and admire this print each and every each day. I believe I have a linked association with the young woman who gave Jack his first paintbox and have happy memories of that time when we both worked together.

  30. chris walker:

    I have a “Let’s twist again” available if anyone is interested.
    The recent release of only 25, framed, signed etc etc.
    Please mail me on chris@walkersuk.wanadoo.co.uk for details.

  31. Joan Lawrence:

    I am trying to remember more details of a print I saw about 10 years ago in a Kirkland’s store. I thought it was a Vettriano. My favorite color is red and that is why I noticed this inexpensive framed print. It showed a beautiful lady in a long slinky red dress walking away on a beach. In other words, the artist painted the back view of the lady. There was a vintage auto on the left side of the print. I cannot recall if there were other people in the print. Probably she was walking toward or away from a man. I have called several Kirklands and no one can give me any more details but say it sounds familiar. Does anyone have any idea what print I am talking about? It is not a Vettriano that I can locate, but it is very similar. I wish that I had purchased it at the time. I kept thinking of it and finally decided to check it out further and never found a copy again.HELP! Please e-mail me at joancarolyn@cox.net if you have any ideas or know what this print is called. Thanks!

  32. Rosita McKenzie:

    I am a blind photographer based in Edinburgh. My arts practice began in 2006, also by accident, when I was asked by Inverleith House, RBGE, to create my first exhibition. Would Jack like to be photographed by me?

  33. Sheila Camerzell:

    I have a picture of The Singing Buttler, I’m not sure if it is canvas or poster can someone tell me how I can tell which it is? It has Vettriano in the bottom left corner, I measured the dimension of the scene and it is 24 inches wide and 19 inches long, it is in a frame with paper covering the back with instructions how to hang it correctly which is in English and French I believe. Since it has the paper covering I can’t see the back of the picture itself. I want to sell it but don’t know a fair price or where to advertise it for sell, I have fallen on hard times and need to sell some of my things. Thanks for any help you can give me. Please email me at scamerzell@hotmail.com if you can help me out with some of my questions, I will also check back here from time to time.

  34. Picture Framing Nantwich:

    This guy is amazing, his prints sell really well in our shop

  35. Joy:

    I love his work and have several pieces. I am wondering just how he names each one???

  36. Archie:

    its amazing what he paints i cannot belive that the singing butler sold for £744,500.00!

  37. Robert:

    Took a look at http://www.saramormone.com and she has a real talent, hopefully she’ll add more pieces soon. I read somewhere Mormone is stirring some galleries too. Incredible @Butler painting.

  38. Robert:

    Sorry guys should explain, I was referring to an earlier post about the artist Sara Mormone!

  39. Lee Clayton:

    I have been a rabid fan since I happened upon ‘The Billy Boys’ in an estate sale. Wow, what an impact. Since then I have collecteded other prints including the Singing Butler. Vettriano rules!

  40. Michael Granby:

    got a couple of jack’s work in my living room
    has any one got any info where i might get a “exit eden” print?
    they don’t seem to have it in WG or easy art

  41. Peter:

    Hi, Jack!

    I’d like to make an exhibition of your paintings in Singapore and in Russia.
    Please contact me asap

  42. jen paredes:


  43. Laurie Taylor:

    Hi M.Granby , i can get Exit Eden through one of my suppliers ,only 1 size i believe is available 50 x 70 cm , if interested then email me .

  44. johnny:

    hi im johnny.i have a framed limited and rare edition of the “letter” and one also of “game on”.these pieces are for sale but i want them to go to a good home.anyone kno of any sites that might be of any use?contact me on thorneconstructionlimited@hotmail.co.uk thanks

  45. Tableau Vettriano:

    Nice website, thanks for all inforamtions about Vettriano, is art is really awesome.

  46. Sydney:

    I have “Elegy for a Dead Admiral” and “The singing Butler ” for sale – is anyone interested?

  47. Isabel:

    I really admire his work . My bedroom decore is inspired by his paintings! I also would love to own an original piece.

    Sydney.. how much for both?

  48. Chris:


    I have an rare artists proof (13/25) of The Temptress which I am looking to sell or exchange for another similar print.


    Anyone interested?


  49. John:

    For anyone who has loved and lost,the way most of the subjects are looking either away or down or lost. Jack must have been there I have – Sheds

  50. Debrah:

    Discovered The Singing Butler beautifully reproduced in ceramic art at an Art Fair today. Very glad to have it. I am a new and growing fan of Vettriano’s work. It seems to coincide with my interest not only in art as an artist but inspired by a fondness for old movies, classics era, most definitely. DZ Calif.

  51. Malloi:

    I have to say to Jack I just saw game on, I am totally hooked! he is pretty amazing, I do hope Jack brings out some new paitnings and prints soon I really want to own one and would love to meet him to …maybe one day ………

  52. Jean:

    Jack I am looking for a ruby anniversary present for August 2012. Something about 50 pounds any chance u could put together something suitable please.

  53. rebecca:

    I love your work……
    Please please PLEASE can you phone me
    as i so would love you to paint our family i have 4 kids well! (15,14,9 and 7)and hubby and me ok you can try the black lab dog and the 2 normal cats and the manx cat! (no tail) i f you love a challange please

  54. jayney:

    does anyone know where i can get a print of Girlsnight i absolutely love it! Thanks Jayne

  55. Poppy:

    Have just purchased a limited edition of jacks called cocktails and broken dreams am absolutely chuffed with it. Also have a limited edition one moment in time and they take pride of place in my lounge. Don’t have a coa for cocktails and broken dreams does it matter. Bought from an art gallery and they confirmed it was genuine looking at it I can tell its one of jacks.he is a fabulous painter.

  56. Sally:

    I have a signed limited edition print of ‘ The Letter’ 23/30. Offers?

    thakn you

  57. Poppy:

    Have just purchased limited edition jack vettriano model in the studio that makes three I have now love his work . Poppy

  58. Sara:

    Sally, if you still have the limited edition print of The Letter and still want to sell it, please contact me at barkerbrowne@hotmail.co.uk.

  59. Steve:

    I have for sale No. 216 of 250, signed limited edition The Missing Man 1; anyone interested should email me at steve@theinteriorworks.com

  60. Noah Sands:

    I couldn’t choose my fav pic so I have been collecting as many as I can and are all over my home. You can actually feel his paintings. Sensual, stylish , seductive, all the above…. huge fan..

  61. jcd:

    As an artist, looking in is the production of your work….however I question loneliness in its pure form.

  62. jack vettriano paintings:

    I have a signed limited edition print of ‘ The Letter’ 23/30. Offers?

    thakn you

  63. Jim:

    Hi I am lloking to buy a print of ‘For My Lover’ but cant find anywhere that has it. Has anyone got any ideas or maybe have a copy for sale? Please get in touch, Thanks

  64. Ross Chard:

    Hi, Guys I have a very rare signed limited edition print of Olympia (HRH Zara Phillips) for sale, Its in Mint condition and I am on the second owner of this magnificent piece. With all vettriano prints edition size is key. I have for sale No. 20/100. This print was done on behalf of the BBC’s sport relief, and this would be a wonderful addition to any collection. It can be shipped worldwide. If you are interested please contact me directly on ross.chard@icloud.com or 07877842715.

    Please note serious bidders only.

  65. Josephine Aronson:

    I don’t know you but I seen your work. It inspires and transports me. Your painting touches my soul…and because of that love you.and the God given talent you possess. Yucajc@aol.com Keep doing what your doing till the day you die and after that.
    Sincerely ,

  66. Eyvonne:

    Somewhat belated I know, but I have just read your article in the Times on 17 February 2015. I attended your exhibition in Glasgow having travelled from the South of England, because I am transformed by some of your work to a more romantic carefree time. The so called “experts ” should be ashamed that they are preventing the paying public the opportunity to see and enjoy your work.

    I visited the Picasso gallery in Malaga last year and to be honest whilst his early work was interesting his later work was definitely unappealing to me and that is the point Art is in the eye of the beholder and therefore no one has the right to “withhold” art because in their opinion it is not worthy just because they don’t like it.

    I believe in your work and have several hanging in my home and guests to my home comment either for or against and I respect their opinion for just that their opinion.

    Life is too short let the art be seen

  67. Craig:

    I am looking for “The Great Poet”. Do you have it or know where I can get it?

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