Dance me to the End of Love

Dance Me to the End of Love

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  1. allan:

    my favorite of all, it reminds me of a lost love…

  2. Susan:

    have fallen in love with this painting, it is so beautiful!

  3. Liz:

    Given to me by a special person for my 50th birthday who recently lost a courageous fight to hold onto the life he loved. Always remembered as my dancing partner.

  4. Marilyn Lambarth:

    Most treasured picture of all. I love this it is so beautiful and timeless.

  5. Fisher:

    What a load of twaddle

  6. Ann:

    For the romantic methinks. It is so beautiful

  7. Nikki:

    This picture is beautiful! It was given to my parents as an anniversary present and hangs in our living room. Are these people ice skating? I know they are dancing, but the shadows under the couple’s feet appears to be in the shape of ice skates … Does anyone know?

  8. Jenny:

    I am rarely a picture fan, but was lost to this one when I purchased it. Unfortunately, this “disappeared” during my move from the UK to Spain! I was gutted & am now going to replace this picture. Whoever the thief was is a lucky person having this beautiful picture hanging on your wall. Mind it doesnt fall & knock you out!

  9. Oonagh:

    Its on a beach in the moonlight. I think more fitting than ice skates..

  10. Beverley:

    a beautiful picture, so tender and full of love, a print of this hangs in my lounge – given to me by my Husband after I’d been ill

  11. Eileen:

    It looks as if they are skating – beautiful!

  12. steve hodgson:

    fabulous print i bought it in a bootsale for 5 pounds a great deal

  13. Nancy Peacock:

    beautiful print bought for me for my 70th birthday by my sister and

  14. rolande gendron:

    I own a few of his pictures. I am also getting this one. Beautiful work. Thanks.

  15. Gill Henderson:

    I own a few of his prints, but this is my favourite. It is SO romantic.

  16. Gill Henderson:

    I own a few of his prints but this is my favourite. It is SO romantic.

  17. Joan McDade:

    Went to the Glasgow exhibition of his work today… blew me away. so many beautiful works of art created by Jack. more than art the narrative within each piece is amazing. Really makes you want to know these people.

  18. antandsher:

    I have this 3.2ft x 2.7ft framed with glass and oval aperture ..can any one tell me the value please

  19. Delores Barbour:

    Found this painting on the internet several years ago and fell in love with it!! Found a very large framed print at a thrift store and had to have it. I was thrilled to get it. I felt it had been donated just for me!! For some reason it reminds me of the movie “Somewhere In Time”. Everyone that sees it loves it.

  20. John F. Davidson:

    They are not ice dancing as Nikki may feel. Although it is a pleasant thought. Ice dancing is beautiful as well.

  21. Anonimoso:

    How can I purchase this on a greeting card?

  22. Christopher Millington:

    Can I request a price for a large canvas version of this please. I’m looking for a replacement for one we have at home, that measures 105 x 83 cm.
    Thank you

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