Valentine Rose

Valentine Rose

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  1. Elizabeth Archibald:

    I soo enjoy the Art of Jack Vettriano,
    I find the art so alive and sensual…

  2. David Dharna:

    A beautiful collection of magnificent art, thought, feeling and sensuality. Just one thing, what is the name of the painting, where there are 3 people, 2 men and 1 lady who is in the middle and sitting smoking on the railing under the street lamp, the men are either side of her. Can you forward the name of this superb painting and a visual of it.

  3. Kelly:

    Artist : Jack Vettriano . Title : Oil Painting
    The painting has an unusual name – Oil painting. Good taste!!

  4. felipe:

    not to many words to say simple biutifull
    5 *****


  5. Susan Sukup:

    Bravo! I just visited the studio where Norman Rockwell painted in Stockbridge, MA, USA. Like Mr. Rockwell, Jack Vettriano sees inside the hearts of human beings and paints their thoughts on canvas. I adore your work Mr. Vettriano. Susan, Indiana, USA.

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