The Duellists


  1. Mary Jane Cox:

    Is this available as a small print or card? Got one in Scotland years ago; gave it to my son, who framed it and really likes it, but didn’t hang it in a good place and it’s faded. Really love his work!

  2. Sue Treece:

    I have a large one – roughly 16″ x 20″ still in the original polythene covering, my brother must have bought it some years ago but never hung it. I found it in his flat after he died, it is dated 1994 – 5527 by courtesy of the Corrymella Scott Gallery.

  3. Jennie Ingram:

    I have this piece of art at the top of my stairs. It is also from the Corrymella Gallery. My sister bought it for me in a charity shop about five or so years ago. You don’t come across this one very often but I think it is a fabulous picture

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