Tango Dancers


  1. Elaine Sweiry:

    I have always loved Jack Vettriano’s art, and have a print of the Singing Butler on my lounge wall. My sister just sent me a birthday card of Cafe Days and jokingly wrote that this is us sitting and smoking at the table with a secret admirer in the background. Except its only me out of the two of us who enjoys a ciggie now and then. I’m surprised that he is of Scottish origin because his art seems to be so American. This is a fabulous website, I’ll be sitting here for hours going through all the paintings and this one of the Tango Dancers is one of my favourites.

  2. Chris H:

    Flavia and Vincent eat your heart out! My only Vettriano’s are In thoughts of You, and Dance me to the end of Love, shame this one isn’t available!

  3. Armando Cabba:

    The theme of dance in paintings seems to be very popular on the web.

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