Someone Else’s Baby


  1. Jan Lewellyn:

    I have a framed print by Jack Vettriano, Print I of a series of 4 he did for Target. It’s title is “Someone Else”. I cannot find it on any of his websites, nor on eBay list or Craigs list. Is it out of print?
    His art pulls us into a relationship between two people when we viewing it – I’d like to find the other three prints in the series. Next time I am in the UK I am going to look for more of his work. I’d like to look at his oils.
    In the meantime, was “Someone Else” retired? It is out of print? Limited Prints? Mine is professionally framed and very attractive. I want to know more about it.
    Thank You.

  2. Jan Lewellyn:

    I neglected to mention “Someone Else’s Baby” is not the print I have.

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