In Thoughts of You

In Thoughts of You

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  1. Caroline:


  2. Shelley:

    Quite a few of Mr Vettriano’s work remind me of myself, i can often be found in these pensive moods!

  3. Laetitia:

    I call it “Saying goodbye to a hurtfull past” !

  4. Penny:

    Another favorite…this one is in my bedroom, next to a window…nicely matted and framed. When looking at the sheet covering the chair I often ask…”is she moving in, or is she moving out?” I finally decided she’s just moved in, her new neighbors are curious to know the quiet beauty and see her frequently peer out the window. They’ve come to call her “The Woman At the Window.”

  5. Beverley:

    I have this print hanging in my bedroom – so beautiful,

  6. Lana McBride:

    i went on a narrowboat holiday down on the oxford Canal, and we went to a local pub. When we came out there was this picture in a skip, so i decided i couldnt possibly leave it there it was too beautiful! I am pleased to say it is now hanging on my bedroom wall.

  7. SS.:

    I bought this print for my daughter and had a merlot colored border with a black frame. It was gorgeous !! The merlot border seemed to bring out the color of the candles, footstool and made the outline of the buildings through the curtains even more noticeable. I love it………so classy and elegant. She has it hanging in her dining room as it is in a large frame. She won’t give it to me…no matter how much I plead…, [ I've tried to wear her down for years now but to no avail ].

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