Elegy for a Dead Admiral

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  1. Peter Better:

    I can almost hear the wind and the music in Elegy for a dead admiral. Am I the only one who had to look up what and “Elegy” is?

  2. Mindy:

    What a classic masterpiece! It is so unusual that I can feel the pain, though I cannot see her face.

  3. Cathy:

    Yes, this painting evokes so much emotion. I can feel the welled up feeling in her heart.

  4. Gaz Top:

    Hi,can anyone tell me if the original is in a gallery or if it is privately owned ..or still owned by the artist..As I have a friend who thinks/claims to have been giving it as a present..I’ve seen the painting and it looks real…but I’m a million miles away from being an art expert and I’m guessing its probably a fake..Cheers Gaz

  5. Stan Sheppard:

    Fabulously evocative and atmospheric. Would love to use it as cover of next album.

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