An Imperfect Past

An Imperfect Past

Buy An Imperfect Past art print from King & McGaw.


  1. Pilar:

    Good afternoon,
    Iwould like to know where I can buy a book that contains this paint. I need a good image of it.
    Thank you!

  2. John Axon:

    Do you deal in the resale of signed Vettriano prints or can you recommend somebody who does?

    I have a print of ”An Imperfect Past ” 714mm x 568mm image size , framed on paper 889mm x 724mm and signed by the artist. It’s no 38 of a print of 275 from 2003 and it is too large for me to hang now in my present home. JA

  3. Steve:

    I would be interested in this print. Please reply to me

  4. Ron Baker:

    Don’t know if you still have the print of “An Imperfect Past”
    I am looking for quality Vettriano.
    Could you forward details on frame style and price you a asking?
    Regards Ron Baker

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